Taking a leap of faith, making new life decisions and over coming Naysayers

You ever feel like there is something you want to do… something that you desire to accomplish but other things are holding you back from doing so? How about lack of support, fear, and those voices in your head from yourself and other people telling you that you can not do it? Yea, I’ve been there before and I want to share with you my experiences while giving some advice, from my point of view on how to over come it or at least deal with it.

Taking a leap of faith

What exactly is taking a leap of faith? Well, it means making a decision on something without really knowing the outcome and trusting your faith to lead you into the right path. People usually make new life decisions when they want more in life whether it be love, happiness, money, fulfillment in self… the list is endless.


Taking a leap of faith can lead to many great possibilities but as human beings, we are fearful of the unknown. Not knowing what is going to happen is scary but being afraid is one of the reasons why we decide not to proceed.  We can go in circles of the possibilities of what may or may not happen… what will not work out for us, what will work out for us… but what if things do work out? What if you do get end up enjoying life in a different state, or find a better job, or finding true love? I think we spend more time worrying than thinking of all of the great possibilities that could be in store for us.

My decision to concentrate on my studies came with some big sacrifices. I battled with the decision to take my leap a step further when I resigned from my job of 9 years. So many great opportunities, that I did not even intend, presented itself during my attendance in college. I was faced with a decision, either you take a break from school, or quit your job and continue school so you can get educated and get into your career. It was an easy decision in my mind but it was scary when I acted and made it for real. Walking away from benefits, a steady paycheck, and job security was freaking scary, but what was even scarier to me was staying at a non-fulfilling job, being unhappy, and living with regret that I did not at least try to see what is in store for me on the other side. I placed trust in myself and in God that this journey that I was on will make sense and flourish when I reach the end of this particular road.

Lack of support/ Naysayers

We live in a world full of critics and non-believers. Don’t expect people to jump up and down with pom-poms  about your pending leap because more than likely, they will not. And just like you have your supporters you will also have a fair share of non-supporters. It could be your own family members and closet friends that may not support your desired shift in life.

When I got pregnant, I received all kinds of questions. When I went natural I received all kinds of questions. When I decided to go back to school, same thing. Questions. “Why? How? What are you going to do? How are you going to do it?” and oh, “I don’t think that is a good idea.” Now, don’t get me wrong, we seek the opinions of others because we are unsure and it is ok to be unsure just like it is ok to not receive the reaction or response from our family and friends, but you have to prepare yourself for the support you may not get. It is hurtful and hard when you feel your closest ones aren’t rooting for you, but you have to remember why you got into this in the first place. This doesn’t make them haters. Just like you have a view on things, so do other people, but it is not the same views as yours and your views are not the same as theirs. Be selective in who you share your thoughts with in this. The people who do support you, let that be your motivation no matter who the support is coming from. All types of feedback will have you going in every direction that is based on other peoples choices on decision making except yours. In the end you have to get into the habit of making a decision based on you and what you feel inside because no one is in your shoes.

The voices in your head

Now, this is so common. There is a time in everyones life that we become doubtful and those thoughts turn into voices. I think we are our greatest critics. It’s normal. Everyone has gone through it especially those who are aspiring to achieve something great in life. But like fear, those voices hold us back. They are strong and can keep you from making big moves.

In going back to school,  I kept telling myself that I was too old. lol, clearly, it is never too late to go back to school but I kept dwelling on being a selfish Mom and how much time I wasted in my early twenties instead of embracing the NOW and realizing that these things I would tell myself were not true. My thoughts took me as far as almost reneging my decision on going back to school just a month before the semester started. With every negative thought I had towards going back to school,  including thoughts about just being tired and wanting to drop out because of all the stress, time, and energy invested , I image myself in a cap and gown, walking across the stage, completing this journey while my son watches. I still do it till this day and it helps me get through those distracting thoughts.

So, for those of you who are thinking about taking that leap whatever it may be, I say, narrow out your reasoning, what is on the other side of that leap that has you considering, what you are willing to risk? Think about it. Be strong minded, own it, and go for it when you are ready.


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