The Lime Green Dress

Here are some “deets” on my lime green dress. I loved it! However, I did have to get lining added to it possibly because I should have ordered a size up. I am a bit curvy so it will fit you different depending on your shape. As you can see my boobs were bursting out this dress compared to the models photo in the dress below.  Other than that, it was comfortable, super stretchy, silky, and didn’t rise every minute. I paid between $30-$25 for this dress.




Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 11.51.42 PM

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 12.05.27 AM

I love these shoes. They were really comfortable until the very end of the night. I had them on for about 7 hours. I originally purchased these at ROXXY located on Jamaica Avenue, Queens, New York. They were also at Hotpoint. You can check them out on eBay if you’d like to order them online. I paid $33 for these shoes.

I bought the floral clutch over a year ago. The designer name of the bag is Nila Anthony. It is one of those brands that you can probably only find at boutiques like maybe Rainbow Shop, Hotpoint, and other clothing stores that carry the latest trends. This bag may no longer be available but below is a link to the store I purchased it from. They always have great bags. I paid about $30 for the bag.

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