In the case of having “writer’s block,” I am acknowledging that I do have a problem with writing dialog at times. I have enjoyed writing for as long as I can remember. With that, I took many breaks from writing for months to years. The creative absence can be very frustrating and depressing for any writer who is passionate and also depends on writing to express themselves.

I began writing more after getting my first gig as a Freelancer, which began this year, for a beauty and lifestyle website. It’s been assisting me with getting back into creative expression. I remember saying to myself “If I can write for some one else’s blog, why can’t I write for mine?

I now deal with writer’s block by continuing to write instead of trying to avoid it. I often stay up late till about 3 – 4 in the morning brainstorming and researching for inspiration on new topics. Those are my magical hours!  I try to write every day. Even if it is an Instagram caption or my grocery list. I want to engage in every reason to keep writing so that it can influence me to keep going.

How are you overcoming writer’s block?

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