Who is WhyBeNatural?

Welcome Naturalistas and Natural Hair Transitioners!

My name is Yolanda Brannon. I am from New York City, born and raised. I am currently a MultiMedia Arts student applying my Associates Degree at the Borough of Manhattan Community College. I currently work as a Administrative Assistant but after spending my first year in college I have been exposed to learning about my interest in the art of design. My goal after graduation is to apply my Bachelors, then Masters while starting my career in advertisement and magazine design. I’d love to create my own magazine that revolves around self-love, natural hair, and women’s beauty. I enjoy photography and creating collages from magazine cut outs. When I am not at work or school, I dedicate my time to my amazing son.

I actively began my natural hair journey the August of 2014. I made the decision to go natural in 2011 but rarely wore my hair in it’s natural state and when I did, it was very unhealthy from excessive blow drying and relaxing some parts of my hair to blend in with my weaves. I lovvedddd my weaves, and it was much needed for not only my look but for my confidence. I often struggled with my insecurities and having natural hair didn’t make me feel any better. It wasn’t until I decided to tell myself, you know what, you are beautiful and your hair is beautiful and you DO NOT need to be ashamed of that! Since then I have been opened up to embrace my natural look and have develop a connection with my hair and what it means to me. I feel great about it and I want other women with natural hair to feel great about it as well.

Between work, school, and being a Mom, I have little time to be as active in the Natural Hair Community as I would like to so I decided to create my own platform here so that women can share their stories, their ups, their downs, and express their own love for natural hair. You would be surprised by how many women experience the same issues as you whether it be in the work place or in public when it comes to natural hair and knowing that through my own experiences I’ve created WhyBeNatural so we can support and help each other as we go through our journeys as Naturals whether you are transitioning or just need a little advice.

Thank you so much for visiting!


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