14 Reasons Why You Should Love Your Natural Hair

While those natural curls, kinks, and coils of yours can sometimes be a hassle to deal with in the morning, there are other things that you should consider about your crown that is worth loving. Here are a list of 14 reasons why your should love your natural hair.

It’s yours! – Enjoy rocking your own hair, naturally.

Versatility – if you watch enough YouTube videos you will find how versatile natural hair is. There are so many different looks that you can do with bobbi pins, scrunchies, and protective styling of course.

Healthy– Natural hair is healthy hair. It’s strong and stays strong when you eliminate harsh chemicals.

History – African American women have been told for many years that their hair isn’t beautiful.  You’re bringing back history and keeping the roots of your culture alive by showing how beautiful natural hair really is.

Saves Money – Well… Kinda. Hair products can be a bit pricey these days but being natural you are cutting out those faithful visits to the hair salon.

Getting to know it– Getting you know and love your natural hair makes it easier to manage.When you love your hair, it’ll love you back.

No one has hair like ours – There is no race that has hair like ours. It’s beautiful, its different. Don’t let the thickness of your hair discourage you, but understand the beauty of it. Give it patience, love, and care.

Inspiration– Wearing your natural hair inspires others who want to make the transition or need a boost of confidence for themselves. You may inspire someone with your hair and not even know it.

You’re the star– Whether you enjoy being the center of attention or not, with your natural hair, you will be. Natural hair is unique and people won’t be able to resist looking your way. 

Society Standards– We know all hair is beautiful in our hearts, but if we were to rely on magazines, advertisements, and certain messages in media, we probably wouldn’t believe so about our own. Rocking your hair says “screw these society standards!” This is me, all me, and it’s beautiful, I AM beautiful ! Now say it. 

The Natural Hair Community– Getting together with fellow naturalistas can be comforting during your journey and a great way to meet other women who are experiencing the journey along with you.

Discovering yourself– Some natural hair journeys can lead to healthy life decisions and so forth. It may be that one thing you needed to build your confidence up as well.

Accepting your beauty– So, I’ll compare this to Alicia Keys #nomakeup movement. I LOVE makeup BTW but can’t do a face to save my life. But, being natural allows you to accept your true beauty without needing any extras.

Freedom– Being free from harsh chemicals like perms and relaxers is a beautiful feeling. Also, just being yourself, if natural hair is for you, feels absolutely amazing. It literally feels like being free.

So! If you are having one of those days where you just feel defeated by your hair, think of the things that make it beautiful. If you are thinking about making the transition, make sure it is a decision YOU want to make for yourself,  not based on other things or people but of course being inspired is always a wonderful thing as long as it is something you feel happy doing.

And, oh! Please add to the list if you have any additional reasons why we should love our natural hair by commenting below!

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